Business consultancy

Business consultancy: Match-making & Introduction, Coordination, Support, Advise and Trouble shooting for Japanese and European companies.

Over the years JEP has built a large network of business associates and contacts. We have gradually built up our knowledge and expertise of the European and Japanese market. We are able to provide our customers with accurate advise in marketing and sales promotion of their product. We carefully search the market for potential business partners and introduce the client to the management, so the first rounds of negotiations can start. JEP gives guidance and translates if necessary during each meeting to establish a successful business relationship. JEP supports each customer in solving practical problems, such as translating or filling in official forms necessary for sealing business transactions. JEP will aid the client with overcoming any bottlenecks or obstacles encountered during the process. Together with JEP you can develop a strategy to penetrate the Japanese market.

Research and Coordinated field trips

Communication is not limited to understanding each others language, it is also important to understand the cultural background of a business partner in order to properly translate or interpret not only the meaning, but also the essence. JEP has the experience and knowledge to convey your thoughts and words from Japanese to Dutch/English and vice versa.

JEP does preliminary research for scientific organizations who want to expand their field of study outside their own country. We search the local market for institutions and organizations that can provide useful information that can contribute to scientific research and set up appointments with experts from the corresponding field of study. Apart from preliminary research we will also take part of the logistic side, so that our customers can fully focus on their research. Currently we arrange study tours in Health Care sector as well as the Agricultural sector in both The Netherlands & Japan.

Media productions

JEP assists in media productions: Research, Coordination, Translation, and Interpreting for Magazines and Television. JEP is also involved in the development of productions of Japan’s main television broadcasting companies like the NHK and publishes articles for several magazines including the monthly magazine of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. JEP has written articles for the JCC about subjects, such as the relationship between Japan and the Netherlands and the educational system in Holland. We assist in media productions by conducting preliminary research for documentaries. JEP assists clients in solving practical problems by organizing or translating interviews as well as arranging the necessary technical equipment and facilities. Overcoming practical obstacles is just one of our activities, JEP also advises customers in their creative concept. This way we help to create a product suitable for both markets.

Commercial agent

JEP acts as an agent to help further the export or import between Holland and Japan. We can contact the right organizations and play an active role in the import and export of companies.

Cultural and social events

JEP promotes cultural exchange by: Planning, Organization and Coordination of Festivals, Meetings, Lectures, Exhibitions and arrangement of Sport events.

JEP strives to increase the mutual understanding between Japan and the Netherlands. JEP arranges events for municipalities or takes the initiative in arranging events that promote exchange to lay a base for cultural, intellectual, economical exchange and cooperation. We assist institutions in the planning and bring them in contact with entertainers or other persons that can contribute to the event. Based on previous experiences with similar projects we can give the customer a detailed price estimate. After the consent of the client JEP will assume responsibility for the organization of the event and we will arrange the financial transactions with third parties involved. JEP will coordinate throughout the entire event to make operations run as smooth as possible.

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