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In memory of his wife, Anne-Claar Goris, psychiatrist, who passed away last year,Takeshi Gotoh published his book:“The country that allows demented people to commit assisted suicide (euthanasia)”. The Dutch perspective on health care & medical assistance, and welfare.”

The book presents the Dutch approach on how to live an enjoyable and happy life. It is written for a broad audience, giving insight on the way the Dutch take care of each other and take care of elderly people as compared to the way this is done in Japan. Not only medical and social care are reviewed, but also Dutch Society in broader spectrum, supported by case studies and examples. A must have for all Japanese who are interested in the Dutch culture, study Dutch/European, are work-related to The Netherlands, plan to move to The Netherlands or are in any another way related to The Netherlands.

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Publishing Date:20th October, 2012 1st print
Author:Takeshi Gotoh
Publisher: Toshihiro Mogi
Publishing Company:Kumo BV, Kirara, Boshobou
Binding by:Mitsunori Hinoshita
Printing House:Shinano BV

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