Malando Back in Japan

The November tour of Malando in Japan has been a great success. After a period of 6 years the Malando Orchestra was welcomed back warmly in Osaka, Tokyo, Kagoshima and Kanagawa. The new shows contained pieces from the past as well as new pieces and performances by the orchestra, singers and professional dancers. The audience was invited to dance along on stage. This opportunity was embraced by fans with enthousiasm.

Picture are available on the Malando Website

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Introducing Dutch Horticulture know-how to 2011 Tusnami Disaster affected Sendai area

From 28 October to 2 November a Japanese delegation of 55 persons came to visit the Netherlands to study the Dutch Horticulture.

The visit of the delegation is a follow up of a Dutch mission of horticultural experts who in February visited the Sendai area which was affected by the Tsunami disaster of March 2011.

The delegation consisted of representatives of regional and local authorities, industry, research, and farmers (cooperatives) from all parts of the country, who are actively involved in the reconstruction of the plain of Sendai.The visit is organized by, among others, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Greenport Holland International and JEP.

The study visit is marked by visits to various horticultural farms, companies and associated institutions in Westland (ZH) and Wieringermeer (NH), where they became acquainted with innovative and sustainable horticultural production of the Netherlands.

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Publishing Book Learning the Dutch way

In memory of his wife, Anne-Claar Goris, psychiatrist, who passed away last year,Takeshi Gotoh published his book:“The country that allows demented people to commit assisted suicide (euthanasia)”. The Dutch perspective on health care & medical assistance, and welfare.”

The book presents the Dutch approach on how to live an enjoyable and happy life. It is written for a broad audience, giving insight on the way the Dutch take care of each other and take care of elderly people as compared to the way this is done in Japan. Not only medical and social care are reviewed, but also Dutch Society in broader spectrum, supported by case studies and examples. A must have for all Japanese who are interested in the Dutch culture, study Dutch/European, are work-related to The Netherlands, plan to move to The Netherlands or are in any another way related to The Netherlands.

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Publishing Date:20th October, 2012 1st print
Author:Takeshi Gotoh
Publisher: Toshihiro Mogi
Publishing Company:Kumo BV, Kirara, Boshobou
Binding by:Mitsunori Hinoshita
Printing House:Shinano BV

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Malando goes to Japan

In November the dutch renown Latin band Malando will begin its Japan tour in corporation with JEP. See the tour dates on the Malando website.

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JEP Launches new website

JEP (Japan Euro Promotions) has launched a redesigned website with in this news section updates on projects.

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これは昨年亡くなった家内(精神科医)の遺言で書いたもので、オランダ人のものの考えがテーマです。タイトルは、『認知症の人が安楽死する国』というショッキングなものですが、内容は日本とオランダの社会、そしてその中の医療と介護と福祉を通しての生き方の比較です。わかりやすく実例を挙げながらこの二つの国民の考えかたや行動の違いを具体的に書かせていただきました。 (著者記)


発行日……2012 年10 月20 日 初版 第1刷発行
著 者……後藤 猛
発行者……茂木 敏博
発行所……株式会社 雲母(きらら)書房
〒169‐0073 東京都新宿区百人町2−24−29
TEL/03−5331−3343 FAX/03−3360−0203
装 幀……日下 充典
印 刷……株式会社 シナノ
©Takeshi Gotoh Printed in Japan 2012
ISBN 978-4-87672-319-5

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